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Sensually pure interracial romance

Whatever It Takes - Contemporary Romantic Suspense

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Equestrian Andrea Evans’ hardened heart held little trust for any man following an unprovoked attack by a corrupt horse show official. If not for sexy combative Bryan Hammerstone, she might abandon her faith in justice—and love. She is hell bent on throwing the official behind bars, and she knows that Bryan’s determination to win her heart is as firm as his determination to help win the case against her assailant. But even when he claims he loves her, that he is helping her prosecute her attacker, why does he keep critical secrets from her? Is it all talk just to get her in his bed and prove that he is as untrustworthy as all men?

Once Andrea reveals the dreadful facts of her assault to Bryan, a mere indictment won’t be enough for him. He secretly plots his own cold vengeance, but realizes her case is about to turn deadly when he discovers her attacker intends to evade prosecution and plans to make good on past threats to silence her. Bryan fears sharing his findings with Andrea would cause her to drop her case. To protect her, he chooses his covert scheme of revenge at the risk of his life, and even at the risk of destroying her trust.

Whatever It Takes captures the innocence, passion, grandeur, adventure, danger, and drama of the modern equestrian world with an unforgettable cast of characters. Lesa Ellanson is a new and exciting voice in romance, and Whatever It Takes is essential addition to the multicultural romance genre.” 

~ J. J. Murray

The Triangle Swirl - Contemporary Paranormal Romance

The Triangle Swirl is a frightening thriller about an unsuspecting horse groom who becomes entangled in drug trafficking, murder, and even darker crimes.

Joyce Prentice never mixes business with pleasure at the riding stable where she works. But once sexy new client, Nathan Woodbury shows up, she does an about-face. Nathan, an undercover F.B.I. agent, poses as a customer to investigate Joyce’s jealous criminal boss, Kirk Allen. But the minute Nathan meets Joyce, his heart overrides his vigilance.

When Kirk discovers Nathan’s real identity, he assumes Joyce is an accomplice and his jealousy turns homicidal. Desperate to keep his star witness safe, Nathan sequesters her and goes on a manhunt, dreading what Kirk will do if he finds her first.

Dragon Crane - Epic Fantasy Trilogy

Dragon Crane is a sensual fantasy about the royal betrothal of lovers of warring nations who must unravel a deadly plot that bars the way to both peace and the altar.

Caught in the middle of an all-out bloodbath between her desert empire and her lover’s artic kingdom, Ahferin Amhara laments that she must sacrifice her newfound romance just when she has found love. After a lifetime of isolation, Darien is forced to forsake the woman he has long desired, departing to the frontlines in an effort to spare both lands from the strife and ruin of a war he never wanted.

While Darien is absent, Ahferin unearths a web of treachery crafted by spies within his court, a scheme aimed at crushing a peaceful truce between their two nations. But when she discovers the plot hinges on the assassination of her lover, Ahferin finds herself in a race to expose the traitors, a mission that might succeed at the cost of her life.

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